Approved Domains

The following websites are approved for link sharing on AdRevv. We do our best to work with a variety of sources, but we select our partners based on their commitment to America First principles.

Spreely News

Spreely News is our flagship news source and aggregates news from all of our affiliated publishers and influencers.

Spreely TV

With over 20 Conservative and Libertarian hosts, Spreely TV offers two 24-hour per day / 7-day per week programming and thousands of hours of on-demand talk, entertainment, and news.

Spreely Video

News clips, excerpts from Spreely TV shows and 2-minute shorts that will inform and enlighten you in the shortest and most rapid-fire way.

Billings Report

The Billings Report is the news and opinion site of one of America's most popular Show hosts. Doug Billing's "The Right Side" is syndicated across America on TV, Connected TV, all podcasting platforms and FEATURED on Spreely TV.

Daily Presser

The Daily Presser reports on current events and government press conferences daily. Our team of seasoned journalists give raw, unfiltered updates and opinions on breaking news topics from around the world.

Finish The Race

FTR is an opinion news website that views world events from a Christian perspective. Executive Editor Eric Thompson brings deep analysis to social and political issues facing Christians.

Joe Messina

Well-known radio and TV personality Joe Messina and his team have broken some of the biggest political scandals in recent memory, including the Katie Hill sex bombshell and others. Joe spends 3 hours every night on radio and television with some of the most knowledgeable and connected guests in the world.

Patriot Barbie

Lindsey Graham, also known as the "Patriot Barbie" delves deep into the culture wars. Her first-hand experience with the dark underbelly of the corrupt government establishment gives her a unique insight into current social events.

Rants of Izzo

Former Chicago-area police officer, Dominick Izzo, rants daily on his one-hour globally televised program about corruption, criminal minds and vices. His News section reflects those same insights and he boldly treads where others fear to go.

The Beltway Report

From the original creator of "Illicit Info" and one of the largest social media influencers on the internet over the past decade. Information and insight that almost no one is talking about, at least not from this unique perspective.

The BlackSphere

Kevin Jackson was so brazenly honest, Kevin was among the first personalities to be kicked off of Fox News. Wisdom and insight from a conservative black man's perspective.